My Growth in Social Media Triggers IMs from the Devil

Creating a significant web presence is a devil of a job.  But  thanks to a  DigiEvangelist course I’m taking at Tribeca-Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, my confidence is growing. I temporarily set aside  Black Copy and focused on a new blog I was compelled to write. It’s called Raising Hell or Raise Them Well, a parenting advice blog targeting young urban parents and grandparents. I felt lead to use my writing talent and passion for mentoring to help parents navigate their way through the challenging paths of child rearing.  Raising two creative African-American sons who learn differently had its pleasures and pain. It led my husband and I to become active in education and parent empowerment activities. Raising Hell or Raise Them Well is a culmination of what I experienced and learned.  My goal is to use my site to sell my own ebooks and empowerment products, which are now under development.

Gradually, I’ve been getting Raising Hell out into the cyberworld. I’ve learned a few social networking techniques along the way. This has strengthened my skills and networking strategies. My impending certification may or may not get me an ad job, but the knowledge I’m acquiring is immeasurable. It could take me in other directions.  One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to let anyone or anything discourage me.  I’ve gone too far to —

SexyDevil666: Uh, ‘xcuse me…

Me: Not again.

SexyDevil666: I’m back!

Me: Well, if it ain’t the Devil.

SexyDevil666: Thought I’d drop by and raise a little Hell with you, Missy.

Me: Tryin’ to pee on my cornflakes again, Devil?

SexyDevil666: LOL!  Noooo. Since you’re becoming this “Digital Diva” , I wanted  to share with you a poem I wrote for my blog.

Me: Hmmmm…

SexyDevil666: Here goes:  “She is the faithful wife of the ad biz life/ but it’s lost its interest in her/ To add pizazz, she  dyes the” gray” of Concepts Past/ injects social media to create a stir”.

Me: You’re referring to me?  Didn’t you get what I just wrote? You’re not going to discourage me, Devil.

SexyDevil666: Didn’t like my diddy, huh? Well..I will give you kudos on your parlay into social networking.  But let’s face it. The ad world is not going to take you seriously.

Me: I’m not putting all my tags in one basket. I have the opportunity to make social media work for me personally – create my own opportunities.

SexyDevil666: Well, isn’t that “tweet”.

Me: Yeah, it is “tweet” and Facebook and LinkedIn and other social networking sites, and I’ve been successful in organically optimizing my Google position with the help of Google Analytics.

SexyDevil666: I’m already totally Search Engine Optimized…

Me: Well, yeah, your name and influence are all over the Internet.  But my presence isn’t. I’m changing that.  My name “Edye Deloch-Hughes” use to take up the first three lines of Google. But today, it’s the first five pages!

SexyDevil666: Yeah, right…

Me: Raising Hell or Raise Them Well had no placement on Google in November. Now it’s on the first Google page. Heyyy!

SexyDevil666: That can change…

Me: My blog was started in November. I used my personal email and Facebook page, created a Facebook fan page, used Twitter, Digg,  YouTube, etc. to make this happen; Hootsuite to maintain it. Now I’m checking out Quora.

SexyDevil666: Yeah, but can you keep it up…

Me: I’m beginning to follow people who have similar interests and blogs, and I comment on their pages. I share my blog info with them. Every single day I am cultivating my blog and relationships. Now people outside my family and friends are reading. And I will do the same for Black Copy.

SexyDevil666: I doubt it…

Me: Devil, You won’t discourage me. I’m psyched! I’m geeked! I’m on a roll.

SexyDevil666: And I’ve got some hot acidic cornflakes to feed you.

Me: Uh, no thank you. Oh, Devil, did I tell you I’m designing a personal website?

SexyDevil666: And you don’t stop…

Me: I’ve got 60% of that completed. I learned how to edit my work, embed links and videos and such. It’s quite fun. This, coupled with my ad experience will help me make strategic decisions in merging traditional and nontraditional concepts that make sense.

SexyDevil666: But the key phrase is: The ad industry ain’t gonna give a damn! Oh, did I say that out loud???

Me: Devil, you keep harping on the ad industry! I have additional projects under works that involve animation, game development and TV through my game development company, Hughes Who Productions. I know something is going to blow up – and in yo’ face! The sun will rise and shine on me. You can’t discourage me. You can’t stop me. You hear me, Devil… Devil… Devil, are you there…?

SexyDevil666 is offline

Me: Good. Go to Hell.

One comment

  1. Edwina @FASHION+ART

    GO TO HELL INDEED, DEVIL! Oh girl. I hear ya. I’ve got several things going on too. Feel kinda scattered and unfocused sometimes but Hubby says to keep pitching s–t against the wall. Something’s bound to stick.

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