Slavery -The Game. Is this for real? (video and poll)

There’s a new video game trailer that’s getting a lot of controversial buzz. It’s called Slavery – The Game. It’s scheduled to make its debut in Spring, 2012. Some people think it’s horrible that a company would produce a  game so racist. Others think there’s nothing wrong with it, including a few (who identified themselves as black) who felt that since slavery was so long ago, it is okay. Still, others think it’s a hoax…or hope it is.  What do you think? View the trailer, take the poll:


  1. Cass

    Well Edye, I’d have to say I’m speechless at best, and horrified at worst. The concept makes a mockery out of a hateful institution whose effects still resonate today. It also brings to light the dark elements of human behavior: greed, exploitation of others & resources to gain economic, social & political advantage. What’s truly disheartening is this game will be widely promoted, accepted, & celebrated. It’s principal goals of winning at all costs is a virtue for many.

  2. Aaron

    *facepalm* When it comes to creative freedom, i’m all for it, even if used for shock value. But this ummmm, the only thing worse than this is a game where you’re a child molester. In short, even for someone who isn’t afraid to offend ANYBODY, this is a bit excessive.

  3. Erma

    It is my belief that a game or any propaganda that depicts human beings in a negative manner should be banned. The horror of slavery is still a present day occurrence. All racial motivated actions deteriorate the souls and moral principles of society. I’m appalled and horrified that a game or any commercial medium would sanction the abuse, suppression, and wretchedness of slavery for amusement. Although it’s the 21st century; society abstains from moral and ethical responsibility? The word “slavery” echoes repugnance in all contexts and should never be used, except as a ‘teachable moment’.

  4. Mars

    Um, they’ve admitted that this is NOT a real game. It was a stunt to raise awareness. Can we please all stop debating hoaxes and point our actions towards changing the REAL institutional racism?!?!

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