Compelling black film “Dreams” wants to play in your city. Demand it. (video)

You’ve heard the never ending question: If a serious critically acclaimed black film is made, would  it stand a chance at becoming a success? Note I wrote SERIOUS. We’ve heard the answer,” HELL NO”. Why? Because of lack of funding, Hollywood support, distribution, marketing and lack of interest  not only from the general market but the black community as well.  Black comedies have historically been the film genre of choice among black people – and white people for that matter.  Are blacks doomed to shuck and jive, sing and dance in order for black films to earn its dollars from the African American and general markets? Do serious films about black people have to border on stereotypes and be produced by white people to become successful (ahem, The Help)?  Is it time for a thought provoking drama produced by black people starring black people, to earn box office support and success? I say, “HELL YES!” If you agree, Here is your chance to help make that happen.

A new film coming out this year hopes to win your support. It’s called Dreams, the story of regular folks in challenging situations, trying to realize their dreams. It’s a riveting family drama that stars a great cast, including Angie Stone, Mel Jackson, Deleon Sheffield, Marvin Winans Jr., Marchello Lee and others.  Gospel singer and Executive Producer Marvin Winans Jr. helped make Dreams a reality. Though the film’s director,  Joel Kapity is not black, he has impressively captured the core of the Black experience on film.

You have the opportunity to “demand” that this movie be shown in your city. Please check out the movie trailer, click the DEMAND IT button,  then share it with your friends and ask them to do the same. It’s time we support films like this and add a serious dimension to our viewer playlist.

DREAMS – 2011 Extended Trailer from DreamsOnScreen Productions on Vimeo.


  1. Edwina@FASHION+ART

    I think that the Hollywood machine is so easily manipulated, if we came out in droves to support a serious Black film, there would be more of them made simply because of the money factor. I’m still waiting for this theory to be tested.

  2. Darryl Hughes

    I believe one of the reasons are that it hits to close to home. I just watched the trailer it has a great story and acting. A lot of our people are living this story and sometimes we don’t want to see our life on the big screen or admit it’s our life. A certain group of African Americans want to see ourselves living large even though we don’t live large or even try to escalate ourselves to that level. It’s OK to act like a buffoon, dance and be funny. One day we will realize that we are more than that and be willing to support movies that show us in a positive light. I will definitely support this movie.

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