Obama’s radio spot “He’s Got Your Back”: Offensive or On point? [Audio/Poll]

President Obama’s campaign just released a 60 second radio spot clearly targeting the black community. It has that familiar R & B sound and soulful hook. An African-American voiceover speaks to the listener with casual familiarity. Excerpts from one of the President’s speeches, citing issues important to the black community, are interspersed throughout. The end message: Go to Gottavote.org for voter registration information.

Some dubbed the commercial as buffoonery. Others lauded it for directly targeting a section of the black community that has a high percentage of unregistered voters. Since Black folks are not monolithic, clearly this spot won’t appeal to everybody. But for many, it will make a deep and meaningful connection. Is that wrong or good marketing strategy?

Take a listen…

President Obama’s “We got your back” radio

Take my poll…

Check out  Gottavote.org

Don’t forget to register and vote!


  1. Reid Hyams

    I like it and don’t find it offensive. Obviously, this is only one of thousands of spots for his campaign and I see no reason it should not be aired or anyone should be offended. What’s offensive is Romney ~ he’s a MORON! Reid

  2. Alice Fuller (@Sheersocial)

    I don’t find it offensive. It’s traditional old school way of marketing to a certain segment of black people who know respond to this type of marketing. Technically the instrumental was fine. The singing was unneeded IN MY OPINION. They could have kept to just the spoken element and still gotten the message across.

    From a producing and marketing standpoint, I would have made more than this version, all with various creative elements to appeal to different black audiences.

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