[VIDEO] Face off! Don Lemon and Russell Simmons


Finally CNN’s Don Lemon and Russell Simmons meet face-to-face to discuss their opposing reasons on why Black America is under siege.

Who do you agree with?


  1. Kushite Prince

    Wait a minute! Russell is trying to speak about the plight of black people?? isn’t this the same guy who put out a Harriet Tubman sex tape?? Which he thought was so funny! Simmons is a disgrace! I also don’t care for Don Lemon either. I’m sorry sis,I can’t stand either one of these guys.lol

  2. Hughes Who Productions, LLC

    I have to agree with both. I agree with Russell that we need more jobs and education for our young people. We have African American multimillionaires not reinvesting in our own communities. It’s great Oprah opened a school in Africa but we need that here as well. Now, Don, has an issue with the Hip Hop music industry, which I agree this music is very negative and degrading, but let’s talk about his news industry. An industry that only shows black people in a negative light every night on the news. There’s thousands of African Americans doing positive things everyday, but you will never see it in the news. I think Don needs to do a reality check on his own industry and speak out against it or will he because it may cost him his good paying job. Russell should have brought that point up.
    We all need to step you and help our young people or we will have a sad future for African Americans.

    • eldhughes

      I totally agree with your statement. Good point about the news industry. Will Don go there. Russell speaks with fork tongue. Hip Hop has a responsibility to the community. We’ve got to think ahead by asking ourselves, “How will my words and actions influence my fans and my community in the long run?”

  3. nathalieheywood

    Yet again admiring the problem – instead of looking for how to make it work for all. We spend so much time pointing fingers and not enough time solving our problems. Both agree education needs our attention but do they have a conversation about pooling resources. When are the hashtags and the headlines going to read: black professionals and hiphop artists create a untied front and come out for education. Instead another disagreement to add to the list.

    • eldhughes

      I think this is a good beginning. They had to visually show solidarity in the fact that they are still cool with each other despite the disagreement. I think the tide is turning to our favor. This may be the catalyst for change toward positive action.

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