Lifelike iPad art of Morgan Freeman, Fake or for real? VIDEO

The Internet is abuzz with artist Kyle Lambert’s lifelike portrait of Morgan Freeman finger drawn on his iPad. Over 200 hours of mastery emerges right before your very eyes! Do you think this is art or a photograph?


  1. Edwina

    It’s being touted as an art piece so I thought it was. Are you saying maybe not, Eyde? I’m still on both sides of the fence about it. While anyone can appreciate his depth of skill from a technical point of view, so much can be done with a few clicks of a mouse unlike pencil to paper or paint to canvas. While I consider myself a photo-realistic artist, taking it to this level eliminates all traces of the ‘art’. The mechanics become the focus.

    • eldhughes

      Edwina, it looks too good to be true. But he paints it right before your eyes. However, I wonder if there is some kind of computer application that allows you to replicate the photographic elements via a series of painting tools, which is more technical than technique.

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