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UPDATE! Behold the revised Italian 12 Years a Slave poster now featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor

12 Years a Slave poster controversy update: Behold the revised poster featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor

Turns out BIM Distribuzione developed the controversial 12 Years posters featuring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender without authority from the studio. The company recently issued an apology along with a revised poster prominently featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor. The New York Times Artsbeat blog has the scoop:!

Addressing youth violence through Spoken Word: Chi-Voices Poetic Film Series


Chi-Voices: Poetic Film Series TrailerColumbia College alumni and filmmaker Jessica Estelle Huggins believes the tongue is mightier than the sword. Her latest independent project Chi-voices: A Poetic Film Series, gives those affected by youth violence a chance to speak their experiences through Spoken Word. Chi-Voices, featuring seven passionate Chicago poets, Jessica aims to help change thinking. “As a spoken word film effort, our objective is to exhibit the gritty realities of violence directly from community members — no filter, no hidden motives but truth.”

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Jessica hopes that this film will be used by schools, organizations and the like

Filmmaker Jessica Estelle Huggins

Filmmaker Jessica Estelle Huggins

to encourage others to use their pen and voices to help heal. “We aim for this to not only be an ingenious form of healing but also an educational tool. Our objective is to tackle socioeconomic issues, broken homes, a short-sighted mentality, and the absence of mature problem solving strategies.”

Jessica has big plans for this series. As it gains momentum, she envisions Chi-Voices touring high schools, community centers and jails, to activate a shift in mentality. She adds, “It will allow youth to dissect how unnecessary violence scars our humanity.”

This writer is honored to be associated with such a project both as a consultant and featured artist. We are asking for your support in getting this film series made via Click on the video trailer to get a taste of what Chi-Voices is about and give your support.

What do you think about this project?

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Compelling black film “Dreams” wants to play in your city. Demand it. (video)

You’ve heard the never ending question: If a serious critically acclaimed black film is made, would  it stand a chance at becoming a success? Note I wrote SERIOUS. We’ve heard the answer,” HELL NO”. Why? Because of lack of funding, Hollywood support, distribution, marketing and lack of interest  not only from the general market but the black community as well.  Black comedies have historically been the film genre of choice among black people – and white people for that matter.  Are blacks doomed to shuck and jive, sing and dance in order for black films to earn its dollars from the African American and general markets? Do serious films about black people have to border on stereotypes and be produced by white people to become successful (ahem, The Help)?  Is it time for a thought provoking drama produced by black people starring black people, to earn box office support and success? I say, “HELL YES!” If you agree, Here is your chance to help make that happen.

A new film coming out this year hopes to win your support. It’s called Dreams, the story of regular folks in challenging situations, trying to realize their dreams. It’s a riveting family drama that stars a great cast, including Angie Stone, Mel Jackson, Deleon Sheffield, Marvin Winans Jr., Marchello Lee and others.  Gospel singer and Executive Producer Marvin Winans Jr. helped make Dreams a reality. Though the film’s director,  Joel Kapity is not black, he has impressively captured the core of the Black experience on film.

You have the opportunity to “demand” that this movie be shown in your city. Please check out the movie trailer, click the DEMAND IT button,  then share it with your friends and ask them to do the same. It’s time we support films like this and add a serious dimension to our viewer playlist.

DREAMS – 2011 Extended Trailer from DreamsOnScreen Productions on Vimeo.