Print ads and collateral for Affirm Haircare,  Tyson Foods, Walmart, American Family Insurance, Illinois Department of Transportation, OfficeMax and City Colleges of Chicago

Affirm Hair Care relaunch

Avlon Industries Affirm Professional Hair Care packaging was getting a cosmetic lift. I thought it would make sense to go a step further by giving their messaging a special lift as well. My strategy was to strengthen the brand by capitalizing on the Affirm name, a natural direction given its primary  and secondary targets of stylists and their clients.  I created a series of affirmations that tied in positive aspirational statements of personal growth and style. I also suggested they alter the deep purple coloration to differentiate it from Dark and Lovely.

Double spread of original grilling recipes, Powered By Tyson

The Powered By Tyson Campaign got many accolades and awards for its exaggerated illustration of energy and strength derived from Tyson meat protein. In this ad, we celebrate 4th of July grilling, with original recipes created by me and tested in Tyson kitchens; e.g. Black Bottom Beef, Red Hot & Bleu Cheese Dip for the chicken wings, Kingston Jerk Chicken and Auntie Sweetie’s Porkchops.

Walmart College Preppin’ print

Walmart Back-to-School print.

In talking to our African-American female consumer, it was important that we include certain touches that the target could relate to  such as skin tone, hair, environment, etc. In the Back-to-School ad, we dressed the kids in school uniforms indicative of urban public schools. The environment was originally shot in a park, but we thought the ad would generate more universal appeal in an urban (not “hood-like”) setting.

American Family Insurance Diversity ad

I chose this artwork to represent American Family Insurance because of its richness and cultural style. The variety of colors embraced the concept of diverse lifestyles. The copy highlighted variety of products.

American Family Insurance Protection Ad (Hispanic)

American Family Insurance Protection campaign is one of a series of three ads that featured different cultures including Hispanic, African-American and Asian. The theme was fathers and their children. We wanted to emphasized the importance of fathers being the protectors of their family just as AFI is the protector of family property.


American Family Insurance Billboard (Asian)

The challenge in creating multicultural ads is to stay true to the nuances that resonate within our diverse targets. The main Asian group targeted here was Chinese because of its domination in AFI markets. We wanted to show a connection between father and son without overt acts of physical contact which is not frequently practiced in more traditional families. Green (as well as red and yellow) is a positive color, generally symbolizing health and prosperity (not to be confused with green hats which means infidelity).

Illinois Department of Transportation Dan Ryan Reconstruction Poster

The challenge was to convince die-hard Dan Ryan commuters to find alternate routes during the major 2-year reconstruction effort. Not an easy task when this route is the main artery to and from downtown. Also the perception of IDOT being an uncaring government entity had to be altered in order to gain trust. We included real workers as road doctors in our campaign to give IDOT some humanity and caring. As a result we decreased commuter activity by 30% the week of the launch and thereafter, which allowed our “road doctors” to complete reconstruction months ahead of schedule.

Illinois Department of Transportation newspaper ad celebrating Black History

OfficeMax Diversity Collateral B2B

OfficeMax corporate materials

OfficeMax wanted to convey to their suppliers their commitment toward diversity inside and outside the workplace.

City Colleges of Chicago, Kennedy King College Direct Mailer and eBlast

Kennedy-King had just built their new edifice, and wanted to increase their enrollment pool by attracting, 1)  those desiring additional job training, 2)  those who never considered college, and 3)  four year college students who needed to save money. The idea was to speak to the peoples’ needs, wants and  desires through Q and A. The state-of-the-art facility, services and reasonable costs would be the reason why. That message , coupled with the sleek forward thinking design, got the message across. Enrollment increased 20%.


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