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Happy Birthday Trayvon; This song is about you [Video]

Last year Darryl Duncan of Gamebeats Studios wrote and produced a beautiful song dedicated to Trayvon Martin and the children killed by violence. We celebrate Trayvon’s 19th year with the song “18”. What do you think of the song?

Don’t be hoodwinked by Geraldo

Geraldo Rivera wearing a hoodie - top down.

Did you see Geraldo Rivera‘s 3-minute rant on Fox TV about how wearing a hoodie got Trayvon Martin killed?

Geraldo’s “hoodie” video

Don’t listen to Geraldo Rivera. He suffers from Hoodiephobia. An acute disease sparked by racism and belief of stereotypes.  Wearing a hoodie didn’t kill Trayvon Martin, the fearful and overzealous George Zimmerman did. Billions of people wear hoodiesIt’s society’s perception of African-American and Latino boys sporting  hoodies that provoke fear, not the hoodie itself. Geraldo’s logic is that youth should be barred from wearing hoodies. ” Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as much responsible for his death as George Zimmerman.”

But I suppose everybody else can wear them. And those hardheaded boys who do, well, it’s their fault (and the fault of their parents) if somebody mistakes them for a criminal and shoots them in cold blood. Even Geraldos’s son Gabriel tweeted his shame over his father’s comments, “I’m ‘ashamed’ of my father’s remarks about Trayvon Martin and his hoodie”.

Me rockin' the hoodie.

Me rockin' a hoodie.

Geraldo is a man who seems to wear those fears with unyielding justification. Instead of scolding youth of color for wearing a  hoodie, why not chastise the folks who harbor fear of every single kid who does. Readers,  I’ll say it again, don’t be hoodwinked. I respectfully ask that when you do see a young person – especially a Black or Latino male sporting a hoodie,  do not jump to conclusions. Calm down, count to 10 and breath… He may be simply trying to keep his head warm.